Cornerstone Steward Program


The Cornerstone Steward Program is intended to help improve overall member awareness and understanding of Union sponsored insurance programs administered by Cornerstone. This program is critically important to ensuring that members are fully informed about benefits available through the program that can help protect their financial security.

Our goal is to find members who understand, believe in and/or have experienced these benefits and incorporate them into the enrollment process. We believe that a fellow union member is uniquely equipped to effectively deliver information regarding the plan.

Job Description

The Cornerstone Steward is tasked with being an ambassador of the Union sponsored voluntary supplemental insurance plans. This is not a “sales” position.  During open and new member enrollments, a Steward will be responsible for;

  • Fully understanding all aspects of the plan and its administration.
  • Being a subject matter expert resource for all members to the Steward’s assigned general committee/division.
  • Spreading the word about the plan to the membership including, but not limited to;
    • Attending union meetings to discuss the benefits and answer questions,
    • Reach out to fellow members,
    • Post enrollment notifications on message boards, layover hotels, rest areas, yard offices, and any other applicable high traffic location.

To be eligible for this position, you must;

  • Be an active member of the Union sponsoring the supplemental insurance plan,
  • Currently be enrolled in the plan,
  • Complete and pass the Cornerstone Steward training program.


The Cornerstone Steward will be paid a flat fee for each union meeting attended.

  • Flat Fee= $250 per attended meeting
    • Minimum attendance of 2 meetings, maximum of 6
    • Require evaluation and attendee list for credit