Cornerstone Benefits Management

We at Cornerstone have a long history of working with unions and their members. Our goal is to provide and administer the most comprehensive and affordable group insurance plans for union members and retired members.

Our company is dedicated to providing the very best income protection plans available. We follow up that commitment with a focus on customer service and innovation to ensure the union members we protect have peace of mind.

We know how difficult a disabling injury or illness can be to deal with. We work hard to provide our clients with the highest income replacement limits, the shortest waiting periods and the best customer service in the industry.

With our 50+ years of insurance experience and our knowledge of the industry, we have the ability to negotiate the best possible union group insurance plans. Our programs are completely voluntary and therefore participation in the benefits is never forced upon the membership. Instead, our enrollment periods provide members the opportunity to learn about the benefits and, if they chose, to elect coverage that best fits the needs of them and their families.

Additionally, our clients can elect income protection through short term disability, long term disability and life insurance and be guaranteed approved regardless of current conditions or medical past. Simply put, through our union group insurance plans, members who need and want coverage are guaranteed to get it, and those who don’t, can choose to not participate.

Cornerstone is well equipped to provide group benefits for any craft and for members of any union in the United States. At Cornerstone we pride ourselves in protecting the Cornerstone of America… The American Worker!

If you would like a quote or for more information please call us at 847-387-3555 or send us an email to info@unioninsurance.com.

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