BLET Short Term Disability (Sun Life)

COVID-19 Temporary Continuation of Insurance Provision

During these unprecedented times, we understand COVID-19 is impacting members’ abilities to work; even those that have not contracted or are not showing symptoms of the Coronavirus. This work disruption can jeopardize a member’s eligibility for Short-Term Disability coverage that would not normally qualify for a continuation of insurance benefits. To correct this issue, the following temporary provision has been implemented.

A continuation of insurance benefits will be allowed due to the following:

  • Reduction of starts resulting in an eligible and insured individual becoming ineligible for coverage
  • Temporary furlough or leave of absence
  • Temporary layoff
  • Quarantine without medical necessity

If a member who becomes ineligible for benefits due to one of the above and is up to date with premium payments, he or she can continue their insurance for 90 days or until the member regains full-time work and coverage eligibility per the Insurance Certificate.
To take advantage of this temporary provision, a member must notify Cornerstone and begin paying the $40 monthly premium for coverage.

For questions or to opt-in to this provision, please contact the Cornerstone office at 224-848-4941.

Sun Life Base-Plan & Enhanced-Plan

The BLET Short-Term Disability Insurance Plan provides benefits for eligible participants who cannot work due to a disability that help protect your paycheck. The benefits replace a portion of your income if you are out of work due to a qualified illness or injury. The Plan covers eligible locomotive engineers currently working on a railroad participating in Article IV, Part A, Section 5 of the December 16, 2003 National Agreement (please note: BNSF, NS and Amtrak do not participate in this Plan).

The plan has two portions:

  • Base-Plan
  • Enhanced-Plan
Schedule of Benefits for Base-Plan Coverage

Eligibility for the Base-Plan is based on the payment of the monthly premium submitted by your railroad to the BLET Disability and Welfare Trust Fund.

To be eligible for the Base-Plan, you must have a minimum of 7 starts in the month, at least 1 as an engineer.

  • Your eligibility in any month is based on your work history for the previous month.
  • For example: To be eligible for coverage in July, you would have to have a minimum of seven starts with one start as a locomotive engineer in June (previous month).
  • In any month for which you do not meet this work history, you will lose Base-Plan coverage for the following month.

The Base-Plan benefit:

  • Covers on and off the job disabilities
  • $300 per week with a 21-day elimination period from the date of medical disability.
  • The maximum benefit period is 52 weeks.

Base-Plan benefits are taxable as ordinary income — you will receive a W-2.

Schedule of Benefits for Enhanced-Plan Coverage

The Enhanced-Plan is voluntary. Participation in this Enhanced-Plan Short-Term Disability is not required as a condition of your employment.

NOTE: Enrollment and participation in the Enhanced-Plan may only take place during the periodic open enrollments.

In order to remain eligible for the Enhanced-Plan coverage, you must maintain your Base-Plan coverage eligibility (that is, you must work a minimum of 7 starts in a month, at least 1 as an engineer).

The Enhanced-Plan benefit:

  • Covers on and off the job disabilities
  • $402 per week with a 21-day elimination period from the date of medical disability.
  • The maximum benefit period is 52 weeks.

Enhanced-Plan monthly premium is $20.00 which is paid for via monthly ACH by each participant.

The additional $102 benefit of the Enhanced-Plan is non-taxable.

Enhanced-Plan benefits are not subject to repayment upon receipt of a FELA settlement (no repayment after a personal injury settlement).

File a Claim

To file a claim for BLET Short-Term Disability coverage, please call Cornerstone Benefits Management at 224-848-4941 M-F between 8am and 5pm CST.

Request a Copy of the Insurance Certificate

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