Enrollment Services

At Cornerstone Benefits Management, we believe that a successful enrollment is crucial to an effective benefits plan. If members are not properly educated and therefore not enrolled in the correct coverages, then the plan does not meet its goals of protecting the membership. We make it easy to put a group policy in place as we handle the entire enrollment and communication process. There is absolutely no additional work or stress on union officers, and no cost to the Organization. Cornerstone handles it all!

Service Highlights:

  • Comprehensive enrollment plan
  • Flexible enrollment options—online, telephonic, in person and mail
  • Proprietary enrollment technology to ensure ease and accuracy
  • Customized communication materials
  • US based call center support
  • On-site enrollers

How does an enrollment work?

Cornerstone will work with union leadership to determine the open enrollment period (typically 2-4 weeks long) and effective date of coverage. We recommend setting the enrollment period out 45-60 days to provide sufficient time to educate the membership.

Once the enrollment timeframe is determined, we will work with union leadership to develop a strategic plan to maximize the enrollment window. Communications will be customized for the membership and onsite resources will be available to assist members who have questions or wish to enroll in person. All members will also have access to our US based call center to enroll telephonically.

Members will also have access to our proprietary on-line enrollment system. This platform allows members to not only easily enroll, but also provides a portal throughout the year to access important information regarding the coverages they have enrolled in (educational materials, forms, booklets, etc.)

If you would like to learn more about group plans offered by Cornerstone Benefits Management, please call us at (847) 387−3555.