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At Cornerstone, protecting union members is what we do because we believe in the importance of the American Worker. Providing a group voluntary insurance plan for your Organization has no downside. We can accommodate groups as small as one Local to groups as large as a National Organization. It is 100% voluntary so members can choose to participate and identify which products make sense for them. No member has coverage or cost forced upon them.

Coverage is guaranteed so members will not waste significant time going through an application process just to be denied coverage. Outside of a group plan most members will have to go through medical examinations and may be denied due to age, occupation, weight or medical history.

A group insurance plan can provide members with options to cover themselves as well as their families. Covering everything from an injury that keeps a member out of work to a child’s broken ankle to a spouse’s cancer diagnosis, our plans help secure a family’s financial future.

We make it easy

At Cornerstone, we make putting a plan in place easy. With as little as simple census information we can provide you with rates and plan design options to help protect your members. Once you decide to offer a plan to your members, we handle the rest. We coordinate the entire enrollment and administration process. This ensures that the union is not required to spend any funds and alleviates any additional work for union officers during plan implementation. We provide the same comprehensive enrollment services for each subsequent renewal as well..

Our team of enrollment specialists will work with each eligible Union member to educate and help them enroll in the coverages that best suit their needs.


  • Guarantee issue- no medical questions required
  • Third Party Authorization allows members to choose the account and specific day that premium payments are drafted
  • Tax-free benefits
  • Coverage for spouse and children


  • Life & AD&D
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Critical Illness
  • Accident
  • Hospital Indemnity

If you would like to learn more about group plans offered by Cornerstone Benefits Management, please call us at (847) 387−3555.