Benefits Management

With Cornerstone Benefits Management, effectively administering a group insurance plan for your union is simple. Our administration system eliminates concerns about audits, fiduciary liability and policy cancellation.

It is crucial that union group insurance plans be administered properly to avoid violating both union and insurance compliance procedures. Some of the most significant areas of concern include;

  • Audit of policy language to ensure it matches the needs of the union.
  • Proper and timely collection and payment of premiums to avoid lapses in coverage.
  • Communication of conversion and portability rights to members upon coverage termination.
  • Adherence to eligibility rules and accurate enrollment process.

Cornerstone is your licensed and insured benefits management company that removes the burden and liability these concerns create for the union and its leadership. Our administrative services include;

  • Dedicated service team that works directly with the carrier to audit all policy language to confirm accuracy and proper filing with the Department of Insurance.
  • Compliant premium collection process that ensures no comingling of premiums with union dues, and ensures the automated and timely payment of premiums to the insurance company.
  • Efficient, technology driven service model that properly informs members of their conversion and portability rights upon coverage termination.
  • Proprietary enrollment technology that streamlines the enrollment process and safeguards members from making elections that contradict the eligibility rules.

Providing the best and most comprehensive service is our number one goal! We strive to provide your union and its members great benefits without the burden and cost of administering them.

If you would like to learn more about plans offered by Cornerstone please call (847) 387−3555.